About the Bridge



In the Cambridge area there are a large number of music providers - those who run folk and music clubs, sessions and open mics. Until now these music providers have not had an organisation to represent them and speak on their behalf, which has meant that they have had to act on their own in publicising their events, dealing with venues, booking performers, etc. Now such a body finally exists.


The Bridge is a new network organisation set up to fulfil this role of representing local music providers, offering the ease and practicality of a single point of contact for performers, venues, festivals and large organisations.


We see the role of The Bridge as being a mediator and facilitator:

- for venues seeking acts

- for musicians seeking gigs

- for large organisations who find it difficult and time-consuming to have to deal with a large number of small individual clubs


Although centred on Cambridge, we see the city as the hub of a wider region, embracing Bury St Edmunds to the east, Ely to the north, Royston, Baldock and Hitchin to the west, Bishop’s Stortford to the south, and beyond. Cambridge is a very lively and diverse city musically, with its influence stretching way beyond the city centre, and there are active clubs and venues in all the above towns.


What we will offer our members:

- a website, with listings of events organised by our member groups

- a monthly newsletter detailing our member groups’ events and other issues of collective interest

- a consultable database of performers and venues for our members

- a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter)

- representation and advocacy in dealings with venues and larger organisations


We aim to benefit venues and larger organisations by providing:

- a point of contact for identifying suitable performers

- quality control, as our listed performers would be of an appropriate standard

- recommendations and advice on fees, costs and performance issues

- A useful outlet for publicity


We aim to benefit performers by providing:

- a single point of contact, eliminating the need to approach multiple clubs individually

- advice on which clubs and venues best suit their musical style and repertoire

- inclusion on our performer database